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About Us

Edwin grew up at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. As the eldest of six, his passion has been setting up adventures for his younger siblings. From small tree swings to now 100ft bungee jumps. 

He has a love for video editing and enjoys sharing experiences and stories this way. He is currently working on another tiny home build with a team. In his free time, he pursues paramotoring and is currently learning to paraglide.

Clara grew up in New York and spent a lot of time with her family in Alaska. From a young age, Clara has loved being in nature and spending time outdoors. As she got older she expanded her adventures to guiding white water rafting, sea kayaking, and spelunking trips. She is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing while living in their tiny home. One of her biggest interests is turning to a zero-waste lifestyle. She wants to marry zero waste and tiny living to help reduce waste and the impact of humans on the environment.  


Before they started their tiny home journey, Edwin and Clara were living in San Diego. Both of them were in school and working full time. Running the "rat race". They had no time for adventuring and were just trying to get by.  One day, they asked themselves, " Is this the life they wanted to be living?" The answer was, "we could do better". They saw the Tiny Home Movement rising up and wanted to be apart of it.


Later that month they packed up everything and moved to Northern California to start on their tiny home journey.

They are excited for you to be following along on their journey! 


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