We are Tiny Home Wild Adventures, also known as Edwin and Clara & Whiskey.

The two of us completed our DIY Tiny Home in 2019. We cut down our own trees, milled our lumber, and created our Timber Frame, Tiny Home on Wheels by hand.

We continue to make woodcrafts which you can check out here!

Now that we are done with our build, our goal is to share everything we learned. As well as enjoying the beauty of nature that surrounds our home. 

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A Quick Glimpse into the Build 

Planning. Drawing & redrawing.

For months we worked out the design of our tiny home. We layed out our design on graph paper. We mapped our outlets out using post-it notes. And we continued to change things around until the actual frame raising.


We had a rare opportunity to harvest dead forest fire logs. We milled up all our own timbers from these standing dead trees. This added to the environmental sustainability of our home.

Stacking the Bents

We averaged about one month per bent. We were novices and had to learn along the way. We ended up with five beautiful, cedar, timber framed bents.

Raising Day

This moment was iconic in our tiny home build. This was the day we raised the frame of our timber framed tiny home. We had our whole community come out and help us. It was a special moment.

Electric & Plumbing

We tackled all of our own plumbing and electricity. YouTube and Google for the win!

Weather Shell

Once the frame was up, we were able to plywood and insulate the whole home. We added two layers of insulation into the floor, walls and roof.

Window Wall

We build a wall in the Tiny Home that opens up into an awning!


Insulation was a whole couple month long process.We had two layers on the roof, walls and floor. Because of this our home now stays fairly temperate regardless of the weather outside.

Moving Day

We moved the home to a small property, nestled in the woods in Mt.Ranch California. Moving the home went smoother than we expected. However both of us were definitely holding our breaths the whole time.


We added a new addition to the family only one month after moving in. Her name is Whiskey and she is a Red Labrador.